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Building a Better Future with Jumungee

Our mission is to pay bills and educate globally.

Jumungee is an innovative online advertising service that educates consumers about companies' products or services through engaging gaming, while also providing consumers with valuable tools to manage their debt more effectively. Unfortunately, bills are unavoidable and eternal. Jumungee provides countless opportunities that are fun, exciting, and easy for players to win prizes in various cash payments toward multiple bills of their choice.

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Why join the Jumungee movement

  • Free limited account, win up to $50.00
  • Plus and Unlimited accounts, win over $50.00
  • We offer an unlimited referral program (URP), receive 5% off
  • Get paid to learn about companies’ products, services, etc.
  • Save your hard earned money and use ours
  • Pay on your debt
  • Another source of income
  • Gain a wealth of knowledge on different topics
  • Your bills are increasing monthly
  • Automatically entered in the monthly high score game that occurs at the end of every month for a grand cash prize
  • Use the preparation section to study the game material before the games are activated

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Active Games

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Upcoming Games

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The Bill Center

Here are some of the bills we pay: Read more

  • Mortgage
  • Streaming Service
  • School Tuition
  • Rent
  • Credit Cards
  • Vehicle Payments
  • Cell Phone
  • Gas
  • Electricity

  • 2 Games per week
  • Play up to $50.00
  • Unlimited Games
  • Unlimited Referral Program (URP)
  • Unlimited Games
  • Monthly Membership
  • Unlimited Referral Program (URP)
  • Unlimited Games
  • Annual Membership
  • Unlimited Referral Program (URP)