Dec. 28, 2021

Social Responsibility

We gladly accept our responsibilities to our community, region, state, and country.

We will always strive to make this world a better place to live for future generations.

Please, view below our initiatives.



Our long-term goals are to provide scholarships, buy school supplies, and donate funds to schools in need.


Business Code of Ethics
  • Values
  • Employee Respect
  • Customer Service
  • Diversity
  • Business Ethics


Climate Change

Reduce our footprint and support other companies on the front lines of climate change. We want to help by bringing attention to and educating those who will listen to the effects of global warming. 


Equal Justice Initiative

We believe in ending incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality.



This disease has disrupted so many lives. Research and cure are needed. We want to do our part and help those affected by this disease.