Dec. 27, 2021


1. What is Jumungee?

We are an advertising and educational gaming service that pays successful players' bills online. Also, we are a service and product technology start-up that focuses on consumer debt.


2. Is Jumungee gambling?

No, gambling consists of three prongs: a game of chance, a wager, and a prize.


3. Why do you charge a membership fee?

We offer Jumungee as a free service, but we have many expenses that we are responsible for paying as a small start-up.


4. How many games do you offer?

The first game we offer consists of players competing against each other while answering 25 multiple-choice timed trivia questions. The players who finish answering the questions correctly and on time will receive various cash payments on their bills. We will provide several games per month at different prize amounts.

The second game we offer is the Monthly High Score, this game is conducted at the end of every month. It comprises a player’s total games points from all the games they played within the month. The players with the highest score will share a portion of the allocated funding for that month.


5. How many players can play a game at once?

There is no limit to the number of players participating in a game.


6. Why is there a 25-second game timer?

The timer reminds you are in a competition, keep players honest, and create excitement.


7. What is the credits section?

The credits section is the available money that you can use to pay your bills.


8. How does the preparation section work?

This area levels the playing field among players by allowing members time to study upcoming game material before games become active. We want to give all members time to become acclimated to the information. However, we will not provide all game questions, but they will be similar. For example, one of the four categories might be basic math, and the question is, what is 1 + 1 = 2. A similar game question might be what is 25 + 100 =. We will provide links to other websites that will have additional game information. 


9. Is there an age limit to play?

Yes, all players are required to be at least 18 years old.


10. What day does Jumungee pay bills?

We pay bills on Tuesday of every week. We require seven business days to complete the transaction. Please, make sure that your bills are not due within seven business days. You will receive a confirmation email once your bill is paid.


11. Can I upgrade my membership at any time?

Yes, you can.


12. Do you pay all bills?

No, we do not pay medical bills at this time.


13. How many games can I play at the Limited/Free level?

At the Limited level, players can play two games per week.


14. How many games can I play at the Plus and Unlimited levels?

At the Plus and Unlimited levels, players can play as many games as we offer.


15. What is the active game section?

The active game section is an overview of currently available games in progress.


16. What is the upcoming game section?

The upcoming section is a recommendation for games coming soon.


17. What is the Point Multiplier?

This feature increases the value of points a player receives for answering a question correctly. If your game displays a multiplier of 2x, you will earn 2 points per correct answer. 


18. Can I play multiple games at a time?

No, you can only participate in one game at a time.


19. What is the appreciation points section?

It is a reward section for being a loyal customer of Jumungee. The appreciation points are valuable points that you can exchange for particular items (gifts, game points, monthly high score points, etc.) coming in the future.


20. What is the fastest way to contact Jumungee’s staff?

Please, email us at