Jan. 2, 2022

Referral Info

We created the Unlimited Referral Program (URP) for members that have paid for a membership at the Unlimited level and would like to inform others of the benefits of joining Jumungee.com. If the new customer purchases a membership at the Unlimited or Plus level, the current member will receive 5% off the new member's annual or monthly fee for that year. For example, Unlimited is $7.50, and Plus is .75.

Unlimited members will receive their referral code after the purchase is complete. The referral code is located on the profile page. The URP will allow us to grow organically, increase the number of games, and the amount each member can win.

The payment will automatically be added to the Unlimited members' current credit amount. Unlimited members can keep records of members who utilize their referral code by logging in, going to their profile page, and clicking the referral button.

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